Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The "Banana Republic" knock-off hats all together

This hat was the hat that started this addiction.
I purchased a skein of yarn for 99 cents at Goodwill.
I used Ravelry to find a pattern.
I loved it and so did others.
This particular hat was given to the nursery attendant at our church.

This hat was given to the assistant teacher at Addison's preschool as a Christmas present.

Addison wanted a hat like Mrs. Reeves.
I bought pink yarn and a matching pink button.
She informed me that she wants the same color as Mrs. Reeves.
Addison loves her hat and wears it all the time.

This hat was knit for myself. 
It is the only one I made a different brim.  I knitted the seed stitch.
The hat is a bit too big but is so warm!

I used a thinner yarn for this one.  The pattern was called Button-Tab hat.
It was the same concept as the BR hat so I'm including it here. 
It was given to my sister-in-law for Christmas.

This hat is also for my sister-in-law.  
I wasn't totally happy with the grey hat.
I found the orange yarn the day before I saw her.
Yes, that was plenty of time to make her a hat but my husband wanted to celebrate New Year's Eve.

This one is for a college roommate.

 This one is for Mrs. Reeves' daughter.  
Mrs. Reeves' likes her hat and wanted to keep it.
Her daughter is 11 hence the fun button.  

All notes on this post provided by Heather.