Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gray Lace Scarf

Note from Janet: I will not be making another one of these any time soon!! I love the pattern and the yarn (it's Malabrigo, so that goes without saying!) but it took me forever, or at least it felt like it! Since it is lace yarn on small needles (although I used #5 which is 2 sizes bigger than the pattern called for) I felt like I wasn't making any progress when I'd work on it for short amounts of time. I'm happy to be done and now I can just enjoy wearing it!

Noro Scarf

Note from Janet:  I love this pattern and the yarn! It went really fast for me (10 days) with those triple wraps. I made one for my sister for her b-day and I'm pretty sure my MIL will be buying some Noro for me to make one for her, too :) 

Capelet by Janet Potter

Note from Janet: I saw something like this capelet in a catalog and figured it would be so simple to make and it was! I love the Berocco Cuzco - it is so soft and squishy and warm! I was so close to getting it done with 2 balls of yarn, but needed the 3rd one for about 6 rows and the "surprisingly stretchy bind off."


Note from Janet: This was a fun and easy pattern! I used a little bit heavier yarn, but it is so soft and warm! I bought the yarn on a girls' trip to Cedar Falls w/ Heather and Addison, then I had to find the store a 2nd time (thought they were moving a week after we were there, but they were still in the same location over a month later!) to get more yarn. I only used the last ball of yarn for the pocket, but it was so worth it!!

5th Avenue Cowl

Note from Janet: I got a free ball of yarn from Caron Country yarn on Facebook and how well they must know me -- they sent me charcoal! Yeah!! I bought a second ball of it to complete this and I love it! It was super easy (4 row pattern) and knit in a round - my favorite! I really like how it looks wrapped 3 times and will probably wear it like that most often.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkin hats for Brothers

Note from Heather:  I knitted a pumpkin hat for a newborn baby.  I decided his big brother needed one too.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Chicago Scarf

Note from Heather:  The majority of this scarf was knit in the van on the way to Chicago and on the way back home.  I had to order another skein of Spud and Chloe yarn as I felt it was too short.  Sometimes I think I should make it even longer.  Janet made this pattern and I just had to try it.  I like what the cable does to the edge.