Monday, March 29, 2010

Bike Helmet Ear Warmers

Orange Socks

Note from Janet: They are finally done!! I got this sock yarn on vacation almost 2 yrs ago and finally knit it this winter. I am definitely not a sock knitter! I am strangely attracted to sock yarn and think they look fun, but I do not enjoy making them! I really mean that I don't like doing the ones on tiny needles, but I've made worsted weight socks and felted slipper socks without so much drama! This is my second pair of "tiny needle" (#1-3) socks. Maybe I can handle making one pair a year. I do have yarn in my stash for one more pair...


Note from Janet: Okay, so it's really more of a scrap buster than a stash buster, but you know how I can't have scraps of yarn around! This is such awesome yarn - baby alpaca that Erik's mom bought for me to make her a scarf and I've had this little bit sitting in my bag for almost 2 yrs now. This is so cute!! I love it! I wore it to church this morning. It took maybe 2 hrs, so one of those things to just whip up, Carrie ;) 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lindsey Vonn Olympic hat

Note from Janet:  I picked some nice spring-like days to work on my first attempt at duplicate stitch for this hat! I finished it just in time for the first day of spring and March snow :) 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Washcloth Gift Baskets

Note from Stacy: Two baby gifts for mothers of boys.
A gift for a friend who loves London and practical gifts, thus the expensive "green" dishwashing liquid.

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